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Jasper 366 Pref Sport x Onne 376 Sport

Not Shown



Video 2


Not shown at an adult keuring because of height. ALL

Foals have been MUCH taller and the dam line is all over

16h tall.

Birthday 3/6/2007

Sires - Jasper 366 Pref Sport, Onne 376 Sport, Jillis 301

Stam 2 - S,S,S (Dam of Meier 307),MP,MP (Dam of Dimer 285) ,MP (Dam of Hindrik 222 and Kasper 229),MP (Dam of Murk 194),S

Classic Build

151 cm (dam line is all over 16h and she produces taller foals)

Foals and Breeding

This mare is something special She has such an amazing connection with Allison. Her movement is fantastic, she was incredibly easy to train to saddle, practically put herself under Allison at 2.5 to say hurry I wanna go play with you. Wonderful mom and friend. Her entire family line is very tall but she is the odd one that is conveniently sized for the short Allison. She passes on height to her offspring. Her temperament on the ground is placid and easy going but when you get on and ride the energy is always 200% give to you!! She is a stunning mare. She has a beautiful cob size head that she passes on to her foals.

Pregnant with Tobias

330 days pregnant with Caspar