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King of the Forrest Gypsies x R Sugar Dolly (Tubbs)

GVHS Stallion - GV03636

Peabald - Homozygous Black/Tobiano


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Birthday - March 24 2014

Homozygous Black and Tobiano

Stunning well marked Stallion 4 white socks, full blaze. He has a lot of hair (when his roommate isn’t eating it)

Breeding and offspring

This is a very sweet and smart stallion. He is learned to drive a cart in 1 week. Accepted his harness, driving pair and driving single all in one week! We have been on his back, bareback just for experience but will not start saddle training till he is 3.5+ yo. He took that very well and seemed to enjoy the attention.

Foal marking registration photos

1st show ever