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Grace Vandergraff

Wicher 334 x Daen 286

Studbook mare, 1p Foal




3rd Premium Studbook mare

2002 1st premium filly

Birthday 7/23/2002

Sires - Wicher 334, Dean 286

Stam 50 - S,S,S,SP,S,MP,MP

Baroque build

158 cm

Foals and Breeding

She is a wonderful mare that we all love to be around. Baroque in build with a powerful trot and canter. Wonderful mom, easy breeder, simple to ride. She has a wonderful success story about how she survived cancer on the pallet of her mouth (cancer not found in any of her foals or her sister or Dam and she is clear of it). After all that, she went on to be a great horse for kids to ride and became a dear friend to Dave, who was very afraid of horses but found that she was the exception to the rule. She is a wonderful mother and puts a gorgeous head on her babies. She is the perfect fairy tale Friesian, long thick hair, beautiful head, big feet, strong build and a heart of gold. Check out her 2009 colt Danny (At Stud in AU). Grace is a ½ sister to Tooloolaa.

Pregnant with Zorro


For Sale