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Dedicated to breeding top quality KFPS Friesian horses.

Sable Ranch was started back in 2007 by Chris and Allison. It was founded in the mountains of Colorado in a small town called Westcliffe. All of the mares were hand selected to bring their own unique qualities to the breeding program. The mares range from Baroque to Modern, hot to cold, tall to short. The diversity in the mares is what makes this program unique, and having a little something (foal) for everyone. The family just needed a sire that would complement each of them and add the qualities that would make the ultimate foals.  In 2011 Allison fell head over heels in love with Maiko 373 and he soon joined their fur family. Late that year the Sable family set out on a big adventure taking all their mares and Maiko 373 to Victoria Australia. Maiko 373 became the first and only KFPS Approved Friesian stallion in Australia! In 2014 the Sable family and all their Friesians returned to the United States. Georgia was their first stop because the foals that were being born were due on Australia schedule, so winter babies for the US and Colorado mountain winters would have been much too harsh for November to February foaling. The Sable Friesian adventures are never ending and the family is always happy to welcome the yearly Maiko 373 foals. Sable Ranch and Maiko 373 are now in Westcliffe Colorado.


KFPS Approved Friesian Stallion

Maiko 373’s offspring are known for Sport potential, balanced canter and walk. They are usually easy to train. They have pretty heads with good mane. Maiko 373 is non fade black year round.


The Mares of Sable Ranch

All our mares are KFPS/FHANA registered and produce beautiful offspring that vary from baroque to modern, hot to cool. All of the offspring have that Friesian “curve appeal” that we all fell in love with.


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Theodoor Sable

KFPS Friesian

Maiko 373 x Jillis 301

Born in 2014 to a full papered Star mare that was a multi World and National IFSHA Champion.

Hercules Sable

GVHS Gypsy Vanner

A 2014 Gypsy Vanner stallion. Homozygous black and Tobiano

King of the Forest Gypsies x R Sugar Dolly


Theodoor Hercules
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