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Izzabella-For Sale in foal

Sipke 450 Sport x Anton 343 P Sport

Studbook mare


Facebook Album - Foal

Facebook Album - Adult - has video link

Video - 9.3.17


Studbook mare, was injured just prior to the show so did now show well. She should show again now that she is better.  She is good under saddle. Only 45 days with a GP rider, but she learned fast and was not complicated. Did Well on the trails in the arena. Training will start again on May 20 and price will increase.

Dam Bente was 1st Premium Grand Champion Star mare with a 9 on her trot!!

Sipke 450 Sport x Anton 343 Sport x Leffert 306 P

Birthday- 7/10/2010

Stamline 49 - S,S,Stb,SP,M,S, M,S,MP

Dam is 158 cm and Sire is 166 cm

Inbreeding 8.98 Heard relationship 17.1

She is 160 cm

Foals and Breeding

She is a classical built mare with medium height and is Jet black and has a less reactive temperament but is not a plodder/lazy

She is a spitting image of her mother Bente who was a 1p Star mare with a 9 on he trot. Izzabella had a bad round at the keuring but still made it into the studbook. We hope you will show her again, it’s too far for us to try again.

She is a classically built mare with lots of breed type. She has a lovely small head and a shorter back. She has a lot of hair and is a non fading jet black color.

She was very easy to train to ride. She is great on the trails and has a very steady way of moving. She is lighter framed and very elegant.

Her first foal William was incredibly sweet and has a great personality. He loved doing tricks and was as cool as they come. Her second foal, Easter, is sweet and smart and should grow to be someone's best show horse or best friend.

Pregnant with William

Mane was roached 1.5 years ago just after the teal halter photo above. She has very thick mane and it grows back fast! Photos taken 3 wk post foaling and in pasture condition