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How to Read the KFPS Registration Papers

Are you a bit confused about all the information on the KFPS registration papers? We can help

The left photo shows the old (yellow) and the new (light blue) registration papers.

KFPS Registration Books Explained

Find out what B-book 1 and 2 and Mainbook mean within the KFPS.

KFPS Premiums Explained

Find out what it means to get a premium, or star, kroon, and even what a keuring is.

Linear Score Sheet Explained

Find out when you get one, and what information is on the linear score sheet

How to read the Stallion Offspring reports

How to read the stallion offspring reports

Stallion Reports : 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008,

For KFPS Members current information about Approved stallions is also available on the KFPS web page (Access this information with your member R# and KFPS password)  or E-mail me to help with your horse research

Picking a Stallion for your Mare

How to use the Linear score sheet from your mare and the offspring reports from the stallions to make an informed decision about what stallion would best suit your mare.

Friesian Blog

Information on

Approved Stallion Family Tree (updated March 2017)

Current Stallion family tree including the Age 168, Ritske 202P, Jarich 226 & Mark 232P (formerly known as Tetman line)

Earlier Stallion Family Tree

This is a family tree of the stallion from Nemo 51

KFPS Stallions in Number Order #1-199

KFPS Stallions in Number Order #200-399

KFPS Stallions in Number Order #400- Current

KFPS Approved stallions in number order