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Otte 375 x Piter 312

Full papered Model Mare



Video - 15 yo at liberty


Model Mare


5 Time 1st Premium mare (100% of adult inspections even with foal at foot)

2013 CH of older mares

Birthday- 4/26/01

Stamline 50 - S Sport, SP,SP,M,M,SP,M,MP,P (dam of Rinze 154)

Otte 375 x Piter 312 x Oepke 266 x Peke 268

Classical/Moderd build

162 cm on papers from 3 yo but much taller now!

Very Low 16.9 % kinship

Hydro - Neg, Dwarf - Neg, Red- Neg

This is the cream of the crop top 1% of mares earning her Model status. It means she excels in confirmation, looks, movement, earned a high score in her IBOP test (83) and produced 1+ offspring. This is a very rare title. To add to the rare title she also comes from a completely unbroken mother line showing generations of success. Her dam earned her sport status, also very rare for a mare and has 3 of 4 offspring with star for her Preferent title (2 are Model). Her dam’s dam has 2 sport offspring (needs 3 to get Prestati title). And there is more…. She’s got a 16.9% kinship (Majority is 17.7%+)

Foals and Breeding - A elegantly built medium temperament mare that throws beautiful foals. She is a very loving mother with a big heart.

Keuring with Thomas

Thomas 1yo

Embryos  - Only for sale because vets in our area are not able to do Embryo Transfer and we don’t want to ship her off for an entire breeding season to a clinic. She is an amazingly kind sweet mare, great to ride and be around. But she deserves to have 100’s of babies and we can’t offer her that in our area.



For Sale