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Sipke 450 Sport x Anne 340 Sport



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Sipke 450 Sport x Anne 340 Sport x Daen 286

Birthday- 4/17/2010

Stamline 50 - Stb,S,S,S,SP,S,MP,MP

Dam is 164 cm Sire is 166 cm

161 cm

Inbreeding 1.95 herd relationship 17.1

Classic build

Foals and Breeding - A Classic built mare that was very easy to train and has great paces. A lot of hair and a stunning neck that she passed to her foal.

Dam, Tooloolaa is a ½ sister to Grace on the Dam side and a ½ sister to Grace’s 2009 foal Danny on the sire side. Dam is very tall and has lots of hair like her mother and sister. She was very easy to train and is a delight to be around. This is Tooloolaa’s first foal and it’s Sipke 450’s first year of foals so it was fantastic that Hooraa got Star at her first adult keuirng. She is a very elegant looking filly. She is a stunningly beautiful mare that catches everyone’s eye right away. She passes on a long swan neck and beautiful head to her foals.

Pregnant with Tiberius

Hooraa Pregnant with 2017 foal

Hooraa Pregnant with Chewbacca

Hooraa with Dam Tooloolaa