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Glory D

Ludse 305 x Olof 315

Full papered Res. CH Star mare



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2nd Premier Reserve Champion Star mare

½ pt from 1p.

Birthday- 4/24/2002

Stamline 92 - S,S,SP,S,M,M

Ludse 305 x Olof 315 x Reitse 272P

Classical build


This mare is a fantastic show horse and lesson horse that has been a lot of peoples first ever Friesian ride. She’s a dreamy Friesian with over 4 ft of mane, jet black year round and “radar” ears.

Foals and Breeding - A classically built medium temperament mare that throws smart classical foals that are easy to train. She is a very loving mother with a big heart.

With  Yophie

Pregnant with Yophie



In loveing memory